10 Things Queer Tejana Mamís Do!

1. Selects a Selena baby blanket, over bunnies or noah’s ark.

2. Takes baby shopping at the mall with all her Jota family!

3.  Quenches baby’s thirst with BIG RED!

4.  Inspires mustaches and sombreros.

5. Performs a baby costume change at the Taco House (on the table!)

6. Gives them special permission to have pink cake and sprinkled cookie with milk for dinner!

7.  Encourages baby to embrace her Mixtec ancestors!

8.  Allows baby to give family dog a mow-hawk!

9.  Seeks a piercing and tattoo chicano expert to pierce baby ears traditionally, at home.

10.  Loves baby…..

(thank you to the guest queer mamis and nenas who appeared on today’s blog. besos.)

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