Aztlan In Our Hands

When the historic Univision building in downtown San Antonio came down in 2013, local artists were asked to paint one of their preserved doors. Behind me is the door I painted, which to me depicts life in San Antonio. Here La Virgencita shows us, in the reflection of her hands images of the land on both sides of the Rio Bravo/Grande. Both images are the same. This works shows us we are all living in the same world, at the same time, on both sides of the river, en la madre tierra. Y, La Virgen has worked this land and continues the work it, with her two hands, en Mexico, en Aztlan and San Antonio. This art piece now lives in the current Univision building. I still stand by its message that we are all of one people, one earth, one land, flowing together on both sides of the river, and we are all responsible for doing the work of keeping us all in harmony, with the work of our two hands.

Aztlan In Our Hands
Artwork by Anel I. Flores
Acrylic on Wood Door

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