Extension to July 15th: We invite JOTAS writing from the heart



We invite jotas writing from the heart. Tell us your desires, challenges, love, deceit and everything in between.

Dear Jotas:
Recognizing the critical need for Queer Latina voices, we invite you to send us your poems, essays, stories, manifestos, love offerings, or rages against the machine. This anthology, to be published by Kórima Press, will be a queer Latina space of engagement that includes lesbianas, bisexuals, trans* people, marimachas, mariconas, dykes, etc.
We invite jotas writing from the heart. Tell us your desires, challenges, love, deceit and everything in between. We’re open to various literary genres, fiction, poetry, personal non-fiction, autoethnography, song lyrics, visual art. Entries may be in English, Spanish, Spanglish, or a mix thereof.
Cuéntanos. Send us your corazón on paper.
Jota Editors:
T. Jackie Cuevas
Anel I. Flores
Candace Lopez
Rita Urquijo-Ruiz
Send submissions to: jota@korimapress.com
Attach a single Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) document containing the following:
– Contact Information
– 150 – 250 word bio
– A high-resolution photograph
– Up to 10 pages of poetry or prose (250 words per page, max)
– If you’re interested in submitting original artwork, send a high-resolution, black and white image for consideration.
Please be sure to write the following in the subject line of the email: “Jota Submission: YourFullName”
Deadline: July 15th , 2014
Compensation: As a small press, Kórima is unable to provide monetary compensation for submissions. Contributors will receive 3 copies of the anthology and will be able to purchase additional copies at-cost, to be determined upon publication.
About the editors:
T. Jackie Cuevas is a queer writer and professor who teaches in San Antonio, TX.
Anel I. Flores is a Jota-Tejana, realtor, artivista and author of Empanada: a Lesbiana Story en Probaditas, living and working en San Anto.
Candace Lopez is a creative writer, professional fundraiser in the non-profit world, and high femme living in Austin, Tejas.
Rita Urquijo-Ruiz is a professor-jota from the borderlands who lives and works in San Antonio, TX.




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